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Author: Александр Шуляк

Александр Шуляк

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Александр Шуляк

Pharmacy drugs – salvation or death

One of the most widespread myths is the opinion that the so-called "pharmacy drugs" are safer than heavy opiates such as heroin, cocaine, etc. It is based on the opinion that psychoactive substances sold through pharmacy chains are drugs and are intended for the treatment of certain diseases.

However, getting into the hands of a drug addict, any pharmaceuticals become drugs.

In therapeutic doses, they have a minimal number of side effects, the manifestation of which is insignificant and which disappear when the drug is stopped. However, the addict has a different goal - getting "pleasure".

In pursuit of him, he not only significantly increases the dosage of prescription drugs, but also seeks to extract the active ingredient. Moreover, in the latter case, extremely toxic substances are used, for example, gasoline and red phosphorus. It is impossible to provide high-quality cleaning at home. Therefore, psychoactive substances are used unrefined, which causes the appearance of a mass of severe side effects, leading to the emergence of serious chronic diseases. Treatment of drug addiction aggravated by concomitant diseases and disorders, in most cases is a longer and more complex process.

The most common pharmaceutical drugs

The most popular pharmaceuticals used for the "home" production of psychoactive substances:

  • Tropicamide.
  • Nurofen plus and Terpinkod.
  • Tramadol.
  • Tetralgin.
  • Lyrics.

The first drug is eye drops used in ophthalmic practice in fundus studies. Tropicamide has a weak psychoactive effect and is used by drug addicts intravenously, in conjunction with other drugs or alone. Very often precedes the use of heavier drugs. It has a destructive effect on the psyche, liver, kidneys, etc.

Nurofen plus is a codeine-containing drug that is used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic agent. Its action is similar to Terpinkod. In order to obtain the required amount of the active substance, addicts use a large amount of the parent drug. Nurofen plus replaced Terpinkod after the ban on the over-the-counter sale of drugs containing codeine appeared.

Tramadol is an analgesic that has the same effect as heroin. Tramadol addiction is very difficult to treat, and it forms instantly. The psychological addiction associated with achieving a state of euphoria can persist for 25 years, depriving the addict of a chance of recovery.

Tetralgin is another narcotic analgesic used as a pain reliever. Interested in drug addicts because of the codeine it contains.

Lyrica is a popular drug among novice drug addicts that is used to relieve seizures in patients with epilepsy. Has an inhibitory effect and can be used without any preparation.

Treatment for pharmaceutical drugs in Ukraine

Pharmaceutical preparations can contain a wide range of psychoactive substances, so drug addiction in the pharmacy does not belong to any of the known types of drug addiction. Treatment of drug addiction in the drug treatment center "Transformation" is carried out on the same principles as other types of addictions.

It must be remembered that taking pharmaceutical drugs can be carried out not only with the aim of changing the mental state, but also as a result of an incorrect treatment regimen. That is why this type of addiction can be diagnosed even in elderly people or people who are self-medicating.

The goal of the treatment for any addiction in the "Transformation" rehabilitation center is the physical and mental revival of a person, which is inextricably linked with the spiritual and social spheres. The course is based on the “12 steps” system adapted to modern conditions, which allows you to achieve a stable remission. Conventionally, the drug addiction program can be divided into three stages:

  • Detoxification. At this stage, the body is cleansed and the patient's condition caused by fragility and physical and mental health disorders is alleviated. For this purpose, a wide range of medicines and procedures are used.
  • Rehabilitation. The most important stage that helps addicts to cope with the disease in a relatively short period of time. Psychological correction, work in groups, activities aimed at spiritual and moral revival, sports are just a small part of the program with which drug addicts can believe in a drug-free life.
  • Resocialization. After completing the course, addicts will have to return to ordinary life, where there are many temptations, stressful situations, etc., which will have to be resisted, but without the "help" of drugs. Our experts will help them adapt to their “new” conditions.

All stages of treatment and rehabilitation are supervised by specialists in the field of narcology and psychology. We have created all the conditions for a dependent person to regain faith in the opportunity to live happily, to be able to benefit society!

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