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How to understand that he / she is a drug addict?

How to recognize a drug addict

Drug addiction is a chronic disease, which is characterized by serious disorders in the mental and physical health of a person, which are the result of addiction to psychoactive substances. People suffering from this addiction are called drug addicts or drug addicts. This is a self-destructive path that slowly leads a person who has stepped on it to death.

People who are addicted to drugs do not immediately realize that every dose is another step to suicide and any of them can be the last. The reason for this behavior lies in the desire to feel euphoria again. The psychotropic effect of drugs gives a person a feeling of freedom, carelessness, allows one to abstract from life's problems and unpleasant situations.

Self-confidence, serenity, euphoria - quickly end, and they are replaced by withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal symptoms), which is stronger, the faster a person develops addiction. Now drug use becomes a necessity, allowing the addict to cope with severe pain for a while. In a state of withdrawal, a person is capable of any deeds, not excluding murder, theft, robbery. The addict is at the mercy of drugs that replace family, friends, work, hobbies.

Changes take place not only in the person himself, but also in his environment, which now consists mainly of drug addicts. Even in spite of good awareness of the consequences of drug use, the problem of drug addiction continues to be relevant. Dozens of new drugs are emerging that are now available to people of all income levels, and every teenager knows about the places where they are sold.

Addiction can develop, do not let know about yourself, for years. Many people tend to ignore the dramatic changes taking place with their loved one. Fear of difficulties, shame and unwillingness to admit their own mistakes that led to the tragedy are to blame for everything. But if you want to see your loved one healthy and happy, it is extremely important to identify the development of the disease in time and seek help from the Rehabilitation Center for drug addiction treatment .

Don't close your eyes to the problem

 Why do many relatives of drug addicts and alcoholics refuse to notice the illness of their loved one?
Sometimes the reason for this behavior is banal indifference to their relative, unwillingness to participate in his life. But more often, such people deliberately ignore the obvious signs of addiction, not wanting to take responsibility for a person's life. In addition, acknowledging the problem will force the patient's relatives to open up to friends and other family members. Fear of public condemnation makes mothers and wives to the last "not wash dirty linen in public." What can you advise such people?

  1. His illness is not your fault or your responsibility. Only the addict himself can decide his fate. You shouldn't feel guilty about becoming a drug addict.
  2. By ignoring the problem you contribute to its development. The addict gets complete freedom and sees no reason to change his life. In addition, your indifference can offend him and make him behave even more defiantly in order to get your attention.
  3. Acknowledging a problem is a step towards fixing it. It is important to understand that drug addiction can ruin the life of an addict and the future of his entire family. You can prevent this if you fight the disease in time.
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Signs of addiction: what to look for

Drug addiction is a disease that affects people of any age and from any social class. The main risk group is young people (adolescents). In adulthood, drug addicts become less common, and most often such cases are associated with the uncontrolled intake of special medications. Those who are addicted to drugs at an early age rarely make it to adulthood.

The banal need for new sensations, the lack of life priorities pushes young people to their first acquaintance with narcotic substances. This is how the first injection is given, the first pill is taken, or the desire to sniff the powder appears.

Very often, the first experience happens under the influence of a company, close friends. A drug addict in a family is a heavy burden, especially when it comes to a child. The earliest possible detection of addiction in a loved one will save his life.

The addict tries at all costs to hide his problem from his relatives. Often the addict does not admit its presence even to himself, continuing to think that he can quit at any moment. You should talk frankly with your loved one if he:

  • became withdrawn, rarely appears at home and talks about the past day;
  • often lies, even if it is not necessary and his lies are easy to reveal;
  • stopped communicating with old friends and does not tell you about the new company;
  • wears long-sleeved clothes at all times, looks down when talking;
  • comes home late, and in the morning looks haggard, sick, apathetic;
  • often asks for money or gets caught stealing;
  • shows aggression, does not want to make contact;
  • does not sleep well, sleeps during the day and is awake at night;
  • not eating or eating too much.


Drug addiction changes a person's usual way of life, his habits, social connections. Such changes are too obvious and cannot go unnoticed. If deviations are found, you should be wary. First of all, a person who is addicted to drugs changes his social circle - he spends most of his time not with old friends and comrades, but with people who have signs of drug addiction. The addict is reluctant to communicate with family and friends, preferring to spend time in solitude. Another sign may be increased interest in the contents of the home medicine cabinet.

A person's mental health undergoes significant changes - he becomes aggressive, easily irritated, can be overly cheerful or detached. Very often, addicts have poor coordination of movements, and gait and movements can be slowed down or, on the contrary, too sharp.

Fussiness, constant search for funds, which are necessary to buy the next dose, can also be characteristic signs. Drugs require a lot of spending, especially when it comes to such heavy drugs as methadone, ketamine, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, etc.

Should be alerted by the disappearance of valuable things, jewelry from the house, as well as the increased pocket expenses of a teenager. Due to significant mental disorders, the addict will not be able to hide his addiction to drugs for a long time, therefore & nbsp; parents should respond to even minor deviations in the behavior of a teenager. In the absence of a child, it is worth checking his room and personal belongings for suspicious objects, for example, needles, syringes, packages of drugs with a psychotropic effect.

The above signs are general and may be due to other reasons (for example, they can be observed during puberty). However, if you have one or more symptoms, we recommend that you be vigilant and, if necessary, seek medical attention and get tested.

What to do in such cases? Start a conversation not with accusations, but with a description of your own feelings and experiences. The tone of the conversation should be calm and inviting to you. If a person does not make contact, seek help from a psychologist.

External signs indicating addiction

People suffering from drug addiction are distinguished by their appearance. With the progression of the disease, addicts pay less and less attention to hygiene, the neatness of the clothes they wear. In their wardrobe, there are dark-colored things, most often completely covering the body, which allows them to hide the injection sites. Their faces look tired, pale, and their gaze is most often detached, expressionless. Depending on the type of drug used, the pupils may be narrow or dilated.

Rash and spots appear on the skin of drug addicts. Regular use of drugs affects all internal organs and systems, as a result of which a person experiences constant malaise. Long-term use of psychoactive substances leads to a significant decrease in body weight, cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, paroxysmal cough.

The main groups of dangerous drugs

 The symptoms of drug addiction differ depending on the type of drug used.

Opium-containing drugs, such as heroin, morphine, methadone, are potent (heavy) substances that are quite expensive drugs. Their action is accompanied by a relaxing effect, a person experiences a feeling of euphoria, "nirvana". Addiction in this case forms very quickly (2-3 doses of drugs are enough). Most of these drugs are administered intravenously. Signs of opiate use are sluggish speech, drowsiness, poor memory, increased pain threshold, and pupillary constriction.

Cocaine, unlike opiates, does not cause drowsiness, but is a means of stimulating the nervous system, causes a surge of energy, increases the physical activity of a person. It quickly forms dependence, and with prolonged use it has a destructive effect on the cardiovascular system, disrupts the digestive tract, and leads to insomnia. A common symptom of cocaine use is a decrease in the sensitivity of the muscles in the face and neck.

Psychostimulants: caffeine, ephedrine, amphetamine, ecstasy, etc., are taken to increase physical endurance and activity. With prolonged use of psychostimulants, a person becomes extremely irritable, aggressive, suicidal thoughts visit him, and in some cases an increase in libido is possible.

Psychedelic drugs (LSD) are characterized by extremely negative effects on cerebral circulation. Their use leads to visual impairment, hallucinations, tachycardia, numbness of the extremities.

Smoking mixtures - "weed" (marijuana, hemp, hashish) - are very popular drugs among young people, which are considered safe without reason. Smoking these mixtures for a while improves mood, causes unbridled laughter. Dilated pupils, reddened whites of the eyes, increased appetite and thirst are characteristic signs.

What diseases are drug addicts predisposed to

People who are addicted to drugs are always at risk. All systems and organs of the body experience the destructive effect of drugs. Among the complications that are most common in drug addicts are:

  • disorders in the cardiovascular system;
  • thrombosis;
  • blood poisoning;
  • gangrene of the limbs;
  • frost disease;
  • AIDS.

Addicted people rarely pay attention to deviations in health, which, as a result, leads to death. Even with full awareness of the possible consequences of drug use, drug addicts do not seek help from specialists. With prolonged use of narcotic substances, a person begins to experience severe pain from withdrawal, so over time he becomes indifferent to what the root cause of his suffering is: concomitant diseases or withdrawal symptoms.

Seeking help from loved ones does not give a feeling of shame, and in some cases - a lack of understanding where such a lifestyle can lead. That is why their self-destructive path most often continues until their relatives turn to specialists for compulsory treatment.

Can drugs be banned?

 It is almost impossible to quit drug use on your own. Physical dependence, which develops as a result of long-term use of psychoactive substances, makes the suffering of the addict when refusing them simply unbearable. Most addicts are afraid of withdrawal, because it is widely believed in their environment that it is impossible to survive. This is actually not the case.

According to doctors, withdrawal symptoms can be experienced on their own, but not everyone can withstand such tests. Therefore, this process should take place under the supervision of narcologists. At the first stage of withdrawal, the addict experiences sensations that are similar to those during a cold - the skin becomes dry, a cough and a runny nose appear. Further, they are joined by severe pains throughout the body, numbness of the limbs. Then the person falls into a borderline state: he does not respond to external stimuli, is completely immobilized.

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Treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions in the Rehabilitation Center "Transformation"

The first step on the path to healing should be the awareness of the problem and the desire to seek help - this is one of the principles of the unique 12 Steps rehabilitation program, which has become the basis of the treatment course practiced by the Transformation rehabilitation center. Anonymous drug addiction treatment in our center is carried out with the participation of specialists in the field of narcology, rehabilitation, psychology, psychotherapy.

Effective drug treatment should consist of three stages: detoxification (cleansing the body of toxins), rehabilitation and resocialization (adaptation of addicts in society after undergoing the main course of treatment). The Transformation Center for Drug Addiction Rehabilitation offers comprehensive treatment and home assistance, which motivates addicts for treatment.

We pay special attention to working with relatives of drug addicts, whose participation in the process of restoring the mental and physical health of addicts is difficult to overestimate. Our drug treatment clinic guarantees a stable remission in at least 30 percent of drug addiction cases, which is one of the highest results.

The Drug Addiction Assistance Center offers individual treatment programs, the composition and duration of which depends on the length of service, the type of drugs, the state of health of the clients, and their individual characteristics. Even after the end of the main course of treatment, all our wards remain in our field of vision, which allows us to avoid relapses.

Our statistics for the last 10 years
12856 people applied for rehabilitation services
339 a person with remission for more than 5 years
1200 people are currently undergoing a course of rehabilitation and resocialization
440 people created families
7856 people have successfully completed the course
137 children were born our graduates
1067 people have remission from 1 to 3 years
more than 250 qualified personnel
594 human remission from 3 years to 5 years
and also 4 rehabilitation center abroad
Our team

We are here so that you have the opportunity to undergo an individualized rehabilitation program that will help you change your life and recover. Our main goal is to help you get treatment, and then return to the real world, return to work, to your family and return to real life! Our team consists of more than 250 qualified personnel: 200 trainers-consultants and rehabilitation therapists, about 50 psychologists and psychotherapists.

Sergey Makarov
Coordinator of the International Anti-Drug Association in Ukraine

Sergey is grateful that he has the opportunity to help addicts find a suitable rehabilitation program. For many families, he is the first person they contact.

Sergey Tykva

While working as a psychiatrist, Sergei Pavlovich was faced with the fact that drugs alone are not enough to improve the patient's condition, he saw that sometimes a conversation with a patient brings a greater effect than drug therapy.

Alexander Shulyak
Co-addict group coordinator, psychotherapist

Educational teacher, completed a series of trainings with the chief addiction specialist, psychotherapist

Plohih Vitaly
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychotraumatologist

Shmagailo Alexey Vasilievich
Doctor-anesthesiologist of the highest category.

Practicing physician since 2002.

Olga Gritsenko
Psychologist, art therapist

Specialist of projective techniques in the rehabilitation of addicts, work with MAC (metaphorical associative cards)

Gurtovoy Ivan
Psychologist, psychotherapist. Business trainer.

Founder and Head of the Center for Development and Health "Feel-in"

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Recovery stories
Anna, 25
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
Friends, hello everyone! I want to say a big thank you to the "Transformation" rehabilitation center for everything! For family for friends! For a sober life! For the opportunity to live and give life to other people!
Igor, 25
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
Hello everyone. He started using drugs by injection at 15, alcohol and grass were even earlier. During the time of use, problems with the police, health and the loss of all relationships with people close to me became the norm. In the last 2-3 years, the meaning of life was lost, I was deeply depressed with suicidal thoughts. 4.5 years ago I applied to the "Transformation" rehabilitation center, where I successfully underwent rehabilitation and at the moment I am in stable remission. I am grateful to all the staff of the "Transformation" rehabilitation center for their help !!!!
Sergey, 33
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
I am from the Luhansk region, at the moment I have been in complete sobriety for 4 years. Before the rehabilitation center "Transformation" I did not even dream of the life I have now: my beloved wife, work, sober friends, wonderful relationships with relatives, etc. For 11 years I have been using alcohol and drugs, have lost the meaning of life and have tried all possible treatments that have not worked. I am grateful that the rehabilitation center "Transformation" provided me with qualified assistance and helped me to believe in myself.
Alexey, 30
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
My name is Aleksey. I am 30 years old and I am an addict. At the moment I am in stable remission thanks to the "Transformation" rehabilitation center for 5 years. I entered the program at the age of 25. I have been using drugs and alcohol since I was 12. From the age of 20 I realized that I had problems, and probably the most difficult time began when I unsuccessfully tried to quit, for 5 years there were many addiction treatments, it is difficult to say the exact number of exactly more than ten. There were fortune-tellers)) encodings, I left for other cities, got married, had children in the hope that it would settle me down, but everything only got worse, more and more people were suffering around me, and I myself was in a terrible state - desperate, embittered, lost every taste for life is a "man" (if I could already be called that). Yes, and I came here to the center without much enthusiasm, I did not believe that something could help me, I came for my loved ones. Completed a rehabilitation course. Now I am happy and clean, I want to shout about this to the whole world, so that every addict can find sobriety. And more recently I got married! I have a wonderful wife, we understand each other ... and this is just the beginning))) !!!!!
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
Hello everybody. I have been in trouble since 93 and have been using everything. The last seven years have been a dense heroin system. Nothing helped, neither detoxification, nor grandmothers, nor sorcerers. At the next detoxification in narcology, he met with an employee of the rehabilitation center "Transformation" Sergey Makarov and decided to undergo rehabilitation. I am very grateful to him and the entire organization of the city of Dnepropetrovsk, thanks to God and you, I have remained in sobriety for 3 years.
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
Hello friends! I want to share my story and tell you about how the "Transformation" rehabilitation center together with my parents helped me change my life !!!! On April 27, 2011, I arrived in Kiev at the center, after almost continuous 13-year use of drugs, alcohol, etc. I was exhausted, life lost all meaning, there was no desire to live like this ... But by some miracle I learned from my friend's mother about the rehabilitation center "Transformation" ... She told her parents, otherwise she said that I would die. no conditions or manipulations just the last 7 months, desomorphine, or the train is simply unbearable. A small child and a husband stopped, but I decided for the sake of my daughter, let her have at least one good mother. The husband also used and tried to send him to the center too, but he was convinced that he could quit himself and did not need anyone. We couldn't throw together. The first step has been taken. But it was not without falls .... On 4 months of rehabilitation, dad took me home, said that enough, you need to bring up my daughter. I arrived, but in less than a week I found myself back in this swamp. Husband, former friends, as if in a fog and everything spun with even greater force. It was very hard, I could not understand why ???? After all, there are guys who want to help and they do not understand in every possible way trying to leave, run away, by hook or by crook. But I wanted and I liked it at the center - the attitude, communication, unity, and the fact that no one uses, I thought that it was impossible to live like this and that "only the grave will fix the hunchback." The second time I went to Voronezh, to my region, went through rehabilitation until the end, went to school in Ukraine, and from there to St. Petersburg. During this time, she became a widow, almost deprived of parental rights, but a strong desire to be sober, it motivated to go forward. I stayed in St. Petersburg. Profile resocialization for girls was opened. Training in a fitness club is just a dream. She successfully underwent re-socialization, got a new interesting profession, which is very harmoniously combined with my healthy lifestyle - a circuit training instructor, and, at the same time, gained experience and the ability to communicate like a professional who knows his job perfectly. Later she became the head, together with the team of the fitness club, 38 graduates were released. Happy confident girls. In one of the therapy camps I met my husband. We built our relationship at a distance of 2000 kilometers. On July 19, 2014, the wedding took place. Now I am a happy wife and mother. A wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter - this is real female happiness !!!!! Many thanks to everyone who took part in my recovery. Thank you to your family for your support. Thank you to the rehabilitation center "Transformation" for a sober look into a new life !!!!!!!!
Sergey, 32
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
I have been using drugs for 15 years. I will not tell the story, because I am already very far from that life and I do not want to delve into it. When I got to the "Transformation" rehabilitation center, I changed so much that I can't find words to describe it. Here life stopped, I saw it, I saw myself in it, my mistakes, here the dirt that was in me was revealed, but I did not see it. During rehabilitation, I was given information about the disease of drug addiction. They gave keys that helped me change myself, change my thinking. I learned to dream, set goals, achieve them, develop myself. I saw my life from a completely different angle. I believed in myself, in my sober life, in happiness. I know that I will succeed ... I have a long and happy life ahead of me. Now I am going through IT-re-socialization ... I got the necessary knowledge on the repair and maintenance of PCs, local area networks, site building. In two weeks, I finish my studies and go to work. EVERYTHING IS A NEW SOLE LIFE. Good luck to all …. P.S. …. And EVERYTHING is also possible in this life. Thanks to the rehabilitation center "Transformation".
Terekhova Anna
star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
I don't like to think about it, but what happened was it!) I used drugs for 12 years, there were breaks, but I never stayed sober for a long time, from drugs to alcohol, from alcohol to drugs! During the period of use, I lost everything! She started using drugs at about 22 years old, it all started beautifully, easy and fun. At that time I studied at the institute, worked, had a friend with whom I lived in a "civil marriage", at that time I considered it the only form of living with a man, there could be no question of marriage, why do we need obligations, responsibility? The priority was mainly financial, earning money, walking, living for your own pleasure! The drug was at that time a simple entertainment! I came to my senses three years later, when I realized that I could not even get out of bed without using heroin! I tried to quit, it didn't work! I grew up without a father, with my stepfather and mother, my father lived in another city, was a successful businessman and always offered to go to him, work and continue my studies, this time I took advantage of the invitation, it was the illusion that I could escape from the drug. I will work with my dad in the office, study normally and forget about the use) of course this did not happen! Of course I found a thrill, I deceived my father for a long time, sometimes I worked, sometimes I didn't ... I met a drug addict like myself and without a twinge of conscience went to live with him, I even stopped seeing my father! After a year of recovery in the rehabilitation center "Transformation" I plucked up courage, I wanted to go to ask my dad for forgiveness and found out that he died even then, at the time when I exchanged Him for a drug! With my "civilian" husband, we stopped using for a long time, started again ... Until, during the next, so to speak, remission, he injected himself and drowned, but I, heartbroken, began to use again, believing that there was a reason! I returned to my city and again from drug to alcohol, from alcohol to drug, my mother found out that I was a drug addict, but she could not help me, she just did not know how! The last three years of my use have been a real nightmare !! I dropped out of college. I was already known everywhere: ordinary operatives who catch drug addicts at points, I became one of the regular customers, police officers, because I began to steal and get caught with stolen goods, the FSKN dreamed of putting me in jail faster ... From morning to evening I stole, sold, bought drugs! I went to narcology many times ... My next boyfriend left narcology before me and died of an overdose! The doctor didn't take me to addiction treatment anymore, she said it was useless! Mom put me in another clinic, she tried to help me to the last, thanks to her too, I'm alive now! The doctor suggested the Transformation rehabilitation center, said that there were results, she saw her patients sober and happy. I went to rehab, it was not easy! The first months I was constantly going home, it was hard to quit smoking and change values ​​and priorities: finances, high, selfishness. Today I am getting a second higher education, doing what I love, I have a permanent job that brings joy not only to me, but also to others people who have lost hope that their lives can change for the better! For the first time I officially got married, I love my husband, I took upon myself the responsibility to be a faithful and loving wife to one man for the rest of my life! Thanks to the spiritual and moral principles that are laid down for rehabilitation, long-term work with specialists on personal change, I have entered civil society with dignity and with great pleasure I live and work, I abide by the Law! I love my homeland and people! Thank God and the people who helped me understand what it means to live with dignity!

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