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Author: Александр Шуляк

Александр Шуляк

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Александр Шуляк

Is it possible to stop taking amphetamine on your own?

Amphetamine (beta-methylphenylethylamine) or "club" drug, which in slang can also be called speed, hair dryer, speed, aids, screw, is a drug that has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, causing a rise in mood and a surge of strength. It has become widespread among young people, which is mainly due to its accessibility and an erroneous opinion about its safety. 

The main danger of this drug is the absence of a pronounced withdrawal syndrome in the intervals between doses. As a result of regular use of amphetamine, a person has a persistent psychological dependence, so once addicted to this drug, it is unlikely that he will be able to jump off the hair dryer on his own. 

Invisible danger

The vast majority of young people who have once experienced the effect of a hair dryer, tend to re-use it. Among young people, it is widely believed that the use of amphetamine does not lead to physical dependence. In the absence of the next dose, a person does not experience withdrawal, which is characteristic of heavy drugs, and the psychological state accompanying the emerging dependence is considered only a consequence of the lack of mood.

Its use for medicinal purposes, as a means for the treatment of depression and other disorders, adds confidence in the safety of amphetamine. But in nightclubs it is used by absolutely healthy people, most of whom are teenagers. The main goal is curiosity and the desire to feel an unusual activity for the human psyche again. What will be the consequences of such curiosity, and whether a person will be able to stop using amphetamine on their own, few people are interested. 

Addiction to amphetamine changes the range of interests of a teenager. Old hobbies and friends fade into the background. The dependent is less and less interested in studying, career, and the implementation of once important plans. The desire to regain the old sensations and get even more pleasure, have fun and not feel problems-these are the main goals of amphetamine lovers.

Initial signs of addiction

Due to the fact that all the changes that occur with long-term use of amphetamines are stretched over time, addicts simply do not notice them. An altered consciousness does not make it possible to give a real assessment of the situation. Unrestrained fun is replaced by dissatisfaction, which addicts try to fight with increasing the dose.

Others notice changes in the behavior of a person addicted to amphetamine only at the stage when he is no longer able to refuse another dose. Moreover, at first people tend to reject addiction, explaining everything by youth and the desire to simply "experience everything for yourself".

The main signs of amphetamine use:

  • mood swings;
  • aggressiveness, irritability;
  • depressive state;
  • suicidal thoughts;
  • mental and physical exhaustion;
  • various sleep disorders.

Exhaustion of the nervous system leads to irreversible mental disorders, so you need to stop sniffing a hair dryer as soon as possible. The harmful effects of synthetic drugs are multifaceted, so it is important not just to stop using a hair dryer, but also to restore physical and mental health.

How to stop taking amphetamine?

Almost everyone who is addicted to amphetamine sooner or later wonders how to quit the hair dryer. Due to serious mental health disorders, it is almost impossible to cope with addiction on your own. But a return to a full-fledged life is still possible and the first step on this path is awareness of the problem. In order to change yourself, you should take the following measures:

  • exclude any contact with dependent people;
  • expand the circle of communication with interesting, enthusiastic people;
  • accept the help of close people who will help you overcome difficulties;
  • restore mental health, for which you should follow the doctor's recommendations;
  • seek help from an experienced psychologist who will help you cope with addiction.

The implementation of these measures requires the mandatory involvement of specialists in the field of narcology, psychology, special conditions for the recovery period. The Transformation Rehabilitation Center has created all the conditions for addicts that will help to achieve stable remission in the shortest possible time. 

The center for rehabilitation of drug addicts "Transformation": the main advantages

Drug addiction treatment is the main specialization of our center, so we know how to jump off the hair dryer, get rid of addiction to other drugs. Most of our clients have managed to return to a full life, restore normal relations in the family and society. We do not ignore our wards after completing the main rehabilitation course – in the person of our specialists, they find real friends to whom they can turn in the most difficult moments of life.

To get rid of addiction, you need to go a long way, and our drug treatment clinic offers to overcome it together. The first step is your desire to stop using amphetamine and admit your dependence on it. The next important stage is to find the courage to seek help from a drug addiction center.

Anonymous drug addiction treatment at the Transformation Center is carried out according to an individual program, the basis of which is a unique course "12 steps", developed in the 30s of the last century and during this time managed to help thousands of people with different types of addictions. The main factors affecting the composition and duration of the rehabilitation program are the length of use and type of drugs, the state of health, the psychotype of a person. The main stages of the course of treatment are detoxification (cleansing the body of drugs and their decay products, relief of withdrawal symptoms), rehabilitation and resocialization (adaptation in society after treatment).

The drug treatment clinic helps to form a new system of values, to find new interests and hobbies, to heal the body and soul. One of the primary tasks of specialists is to determine the true reasons that prompted a person to start taking narcotic substances. 

Our clients get the opportunity to start life with a "clean slate". Returning to normal conditions after rehabilitation, they determine new goals for themselves and confidently go to their implementation. Our program is one of the most effective and allows you to achieve a stable remission in more than 30 percent of cases of addiction. Drug treatment can also be provided at home, and its main purpose is to motivate drug addicts for treatment.

Appeal to the relatives of the dependent

We pay great attention to working with relatives of drug addicts, on whom the success of treatment depends to a very large extent. It is their attentiveness and desire to help their loved ones that can play a decisive role in preserving the health and even the life of an addict. 

It is very important to understand that it is almost impossible to quit amphetamine on your own. There is a difficult path ahead on the way to healing, but it is possible to overcome it and be cured if there are those who can rely on. Do not underestimate the problem – we recommend that you get as close as possible to information about everything related to drug addiction. When choosing a rehabilitation center, pay attention to the following points:

  • treatment methods;
  • anonymity;
  • assistance with adaptation in society( resocialization):
  • the presence of specialists in various fields (narcologists, psychologists, psychotherapists, rehabilitologists);
  • communication after the end of rehabilitation.
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